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Information for Families

This section contains important information for families regarding school policies and who to contact for specific needs.


Arriving at school



School attendance is a serious legal responsibility for both parents and students. The parent/guardian must telephone the school each day that his/her daughter is absent.


Please call 212-288-1645, EXT 200 before 8:30am.

Provide the student’s name, TA, and reason for absence.


The following are recorded as Excused absences: illness, a death in the family, or a court appearance. All other absences are recorded as Unexcused.

Ordinarily, a student who arrives after 11:00 A.M. or leaves before 11:00 A.M. will be considered absent for the school day. When a student returns to school, she must bring a note from her parent/guardian explaining her absence. This note should be handed in at the Administrative Office. An illness of more than five days requires a doctor's note.




No appointments, including medical or dental, should be made during school hours. A parent/guardian should consult the school calendar for half-days and holidays to schedule appointments for the student. If there is an emergency or an unusual circumstance, the student must bring a note from a parent/guardian as well as a doctor's note on the day of the appointment. These notes should be submitted to the Administrative Office for approval before 8:00 A.M. The student will receive an early dismissal slip which she should carry with her to verify that her dismissal has been authorized by both her parent/guardian and the school.




Each student is expected to be on time for school; punctuality is an important aspect of personal responsibility. Since delays in the transit system are inevitable, students are expected to allow for normal delays in travel time.

If a student arrives at school after 8:00 a.m., she must sign in and get a late pass in order to be admitted into her class. A student who arrives after 8:00am will receive a lateness demerit. She will NOT be permitted to make up any class work or test that was missed during that time and she will receive a zero.


Art Class


Any phone carried to school must be turned off before entering the school building. During the school day, phones must be stored in the student’s locker until dismissal.


Students whose phones have been confiscated by a teacher or administrator will receive a demerit for improper use of technology.

A student can retrieve her phone from the Dean of Students only after paying a $10 fine. Students who have had their phone taken away three times will be placed on Probation and may be asked to leave the school.




Any student who requires the use of the school elevator must present a doctor’s note that is signed and dated and indicates the reason the student may not use the stairs as well as the length of time the elevator is needed.  Parent notes will not be accepted.  Students who have permission to use the elevator will receive a pass that must be visible to any faculty or staff member. 


Students with permission to use the elevator may not invite friends onto the elevator.  Students who are using the elevator improperly will have their permission terminated.


Students are not permitted to use the elevator before or after school without a pass.  Any student found on the elevator without a pass, at any time, will be issued a detention.




The school uniform must be worn from the first Monday in September through the last day of school in June. Students may wear the fall/spring uniform during the months of September/October and April/May/June (exact dates will be announced).


Flynn & O’Hara, the school uniform company, can be reached at


Toll Free 800-441-4122

Email [email protected] 

On-line orders may be placed at

Local Store at
2415 Westchester Avenue
Bronx, NY 10461
(718) 863-7561


All students must wear the uniform traveling to and from school.



Modifications are being made to the SJB Uniform.  Please note the following changes for any upcoming purchases.  Every effort should be made to acquire the necessary uniform in a timely fashion.  Students having difficulty meeting the below deadlines should speak with Mr. Linehan as soon as possible.  


Stockings/ Tights / Knee High Socks

Only Navy (opaque and not see through) stockings, tights, and knee high socks are acceptable.  


Spirit Attire

Students are only allowed to wear spirit attire such as SJB sweatshirts and hoodies on designated Spirit Days.  



Underclasswomen are not to wear any make-up.

Upperclasswomen (Juniors / Seniors) may wear light make-up, such as a pink or neutral color lip gloss.  No heavy make-up will be acceptable.  Nail polish is to be kept to a light or neutral color.  


The following are changes to the Dress Code / Uniform.  


The Uniform Shirt:  

The SJB Navy Polo is no longer part of the uniform.

Required:  SJB White banded Polo Shirt (Long /Short sleeve) is the school shirt.  


The Uniform Shoe:

Jeanites are expected to wear a standard shoe that may be laced or slip-on.  The shoes must be all black.  Two examples include these shoes that can be purchased online at Toms Black Suede Leather Wrap Shoe or Toms Black Heritage Canvas Women's Clemente Slip-ons.  When ordering online, use the discount code STUDENT10 for a 10% discount.  If you choose to purchase another shoe for school, please wear a no - heel all black rubber soled shoe.  Sneakers, Crocs, UGGs, slippers, etc... are NOT permitted.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding these changes, please contact Daniel Linehan by phone at 212-288-1645, ext 228 or email at [email protected].

Students who choose to ignore the guidelines for uniform and dress code will receive a demerit or may be sent home to change. If they miss quizzes or tests, they may NOT make them up; they will receive a zero.





Sr. Maria Cassano, CND

212-288-1645 x224

[email protected] 


For issues related to Student Welfare, Discipline, or Afterschool Activities, please contact:

Assistant Principal of Student Affairs

Mr. Daniel Linehan

212-288-1645 x228

[email protected] 


For issues related to Academics please contact:

Assistant Principal of Academic Affairs

Mr. Maximilian Medveser

212-288--1645 x222

[email protected] 


If you need to connect with your daughter’s guidance counselor please refer to the following: 


Grade 9 and Grade 11 (Student with last name L-Z)

Ms. Ida Perez

212-288-1645 x136

[email protected] 


Grade 10 and Grade 11 (Students with last name A-L)

Ms. Dorothy Calo

212-288-1645 x136

[email protected] 


Grade 12 and College Counseling

Ms. Ann Dougherty

212-288-1645 x129

[email protected] 


Questions concerning Technology, Chromebooks, or PowerSchool Accounts, please contact:

Ms. Katie Hedge

[email protected] 


Questions concerning MetroCards, please contact the following:

Ms. Baldwin

212-288-1645 x126

[email protected] 


Any questions regarding school photographs must be directed to 

Island Photography