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Jeanites Travel

St. Marguerite
A Jeanite is a young woman prepared and tailored to make the most of what the world has to offer. Visits and exposure to worthwhile venues extend beyond the traditional and hold special meaning and significance, especially in our dual celebratory year. In addition to taking advantage of the robust offerings of sites and resources that the greater NYC metro area offers, Jeanites also expand their reach beyond the local.

Eiffel Tower


Jeanites who participate in our study abroad program will enroll in a 3 credit college Seminar class exploring the art, history, and culture of France,. The culmination of this Seminar will be a voyage of discovery to France - the birthplace of St. Marguerite where we will deepen our understanding of where we come from and celebrate the 400th anniversary of her birth.


Seniors have the opportunity to travel to Montreal, Canada - the place that St. Marguerite would help settle, build a school, and eventually call home. This travel will enhance the understanding of our roots and offer insight into Marguerite's legacy as an educator and champion of women.


Montreal: Where Saint Marguerite Bourgeoys founded the Congregation of the Sisters of Notre Dame almost 400 years ago. As we honor our founding mother and celebrate the quadricentennial anniversary of her undying courage and commitment that began the journey we have the privilege to continue today, Jeanites will embark on their own pilgrimage sure to inspire and make whole the SJB experience.

France: The birthplace of Saint Marguerite and the area of the world where she herself was a student and first embraced her calling to lift those in need, especially women, through the empowerment of an education. After we celebrate the 90th anniversary of Saint Jean Baptiste High School’s opening, Jeanites in 2025 will see firsthand the roots of the amazing woman whom they will hold dear their entire lives.

Philadelphia: Jeanites embark to a city rich in American history and culture where they encounter first-hand the pillars of our democracy. From the Liberty Bell to Constitution Hall, Jeanites visit the places where Jefferson, Hamilton, and Washington, to name a few founders, began the Great Experiment that is America.

In Philly