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Jeanites in the City

Learning at SJB is never confined to the four walls of a classroom. Living and learning in one of the world’s most vibrant cities and being located in the heart of Manhattan’s Upper East Side means that faculty and students are minutes away from some of the world's greatest institutions of arts, culture, and science. Jeanites have numerous opportunities to take what they have learned in the classroom and step outside to see for themselves what it takes to be an artist, scientist, software designer, or doctor.
Getting on the busThe opportunities for the exploration of ideas and professions are endless. Grade 9 and 10 Jeanites take multiple trips to connect learning in the class to the real world- Jeanites spend time in the Bronx Zoo, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Natural History Museum where interdisciplinary connections are made resulting in a truly STEAM based education. Juniors studying American History get to travel to Philadelphia to tour some of the great sites related to the founding of our nation. Seniors will soon have the opportunity to explore the roots of the Sisters of the Congregation of Notre Dame through our study abroad program with trips to France and Montreal.
Additionally, over the years SJB has built special relationships with some of these great institutions giving our Jeanites unique experiences:
  • SJB enjoys a special relationship with the Metropolitan Opera and students, especially those interested in the performing arts or design, have the experience of attending several performances each year.
  • Girls who Code InternshipBecause of our close proximity and unique partnership with Lenox Hill Hospital and our Lenox Hill Summer Internships, 10th grade students are invited to spend a day learning about career opportunities in medicine and get to spend time with physicians and physician assistants to see what working in the field of medicine is all about. Those students are then encouraged to apply for the Summer Internship.
  • As a Girls Who Code school and having gradu
    ated young women who now work in the field of computer science and programming, Jeanites are afforded the opportunity to visit tech giants like Google and DropBox giving them hands on experience in problem solving and coding.
  • Lovers of music and dance benefit from SJB’s newfound relationship with Alvin Alley and the New York City Center. Jeanites both get to attend performances and then in school have one on one experiences with these artists learning what it takes to make it in the field.