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Jeanite Flagship Programs

St. Jean's understands that true academic rigor - and the authentic pathway to educational excellence - must have as its foundation a focus on "the whole life of the child." At SJB, our deep programming slate can be found as part of the tapestry of our seven Flagship Programs: Jeanites Partner, Jeanites Serve, Jeanites in the City, Jeanites Travel, Jeanites Got Talent, Jeanites @ 2:30 and the Jeanite Tribune. Each of these core programming initiatives provide a key element of mission-based learning for our students. Legion after school programs, college partnerships, service opportunities, action-based learning trips and experiences as well as study abroad opportunities highlight our historical charisma as well as our commitment to engaging multiple pathways to learning and myriad methodologies towards achieving excellence.
Girls have the chance to learn about science

Jeanites Partner

Being a Jeanite means that opportunities abound. The SJB experience is further enriched through meaningful collaborations with some of the most successful institutions around. Through these partnerships and special relationships with proven institutions that continue to grow, St. Jean’s is at the forefront of providing enhanced experiences that go above and beyond the traditional.


Jeanites Serve

Service to the Church, the communities we come from, and the

larger city we live in are integral aspects of what makes Jeanites women for others. Jeanites have a rich history of bringing their

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talents and passions into the world to enrich our communities and help transform the world we live in. Whether it be through Christian service or through participation in the civic life of our city, Jeanites are committed to building relationships with others based on their gained perspective of justice and peace.


Jeanites in the City

Learning at SJB is never confined to the four walls of a classroom. Living and learning in one of the world’s most vibrant cities and being located in the heart of Manhattan’s Upper East Side means that faculty and students are minutes away from some of the world's greatest institutions of arts, culture, and science. Jeanites have numerous opportunities to take what they have learned in the classroom and step outside to see for themselves what it takes to be an artist, scientist, software designer, or doctor.

Jeanites Travel



Jeanites Travel

A Jeanite is a young woman prepared and tailored to make the most of what the world has to offer. Visits and exposure to worthwhile venues extend beyond the traditional and hold special meaning and significance, especially in our dual celebratory year. In addition to taking advantage of the robust offerings of sites and resources that the greater NYC metro area offers, Jeanites also expand their reach beyond the local.




Jeanites Got Talent

Famous television shows aren’t the only forums for break-out performances…Jeanites are gifted with many talents that they commit to, in addition to their high school experiences and on their own time. Jeanites not only stand out but they also rise up to the occasion in their unique spaces in the world.


Jeanites @ 2:30

SJB challenges its students to achieve both inside and outside the classroom. Therefore the final bell does not mark the end of school but rather begins a new part of the day where Jeanites are involved and active in athletics, clubs, and other afterschool programming. At SJB there is truly something for everybody. Jeanites are encouraged to become well rounded young women and to pursue interests outside of their academic work. Clubs and activities are programmed to allow Jeanites to be as involved as possible and able to explore different passions. Athletics, clubs, and activities allow students to refine their talents and to acquire new skills. Clubs and other afterschool activities build student leadership skills and allow students to collaborate, essential skills for the 21st century! Throughout her four years, the Jeanite will assemble an impressive portfolio which testifies to her being truly a woman oriented to the future and committed to becoming a well rounded individual.


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