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Academic Requirements

St. Jean Baptiste High School endeavors to meet the academic needs of each student. Graduates earn a High School Diploma by satisfactorily completing the studies set forth by the New York State Board of Regents. Each student is expected to attain a New York State Regents Diploma in addition to a St. Jean’s Diploma.



In class

Religion 4 Units

English 4 Units

Social Studies 4 Units

Math 3 Units

Science 3 Units

Language Other Than English 2 Units

Fine Arts 1.5 Units

Technology 1 Unit

Health .5 Unit

Service 1 Unit

PE 2 Unit

Electives 3 Units


Required Regents Assessments:

  • Comprehensive English
  • Integrated Algebra
  • Global History
  • US History
  • 1st Science

Additional Regents Assessments:

  • Geometry
  • Algebra 2/ Trigonometry
  • 2nd Science



First Honors: 90% average with no grade lower than 85%

Second Honors: 85% average with no grade lower than 80%

General Honors: 80% average with no grade lower than 75%


2018 Graduates

Advantage Gold Card: Students who achieve honors receive an Advantage

Gold Card. The card is given as an incentive for the student to offer her services as a tutor. After each tutoring session, she has her Advantage Gold Card signed by the student she is tutoring. After ten sessions, she is eligible for a dress-up day and another Advantage card. When the student completes three cards, she will receive a “Service Certificate” at the honors assembly.


Honors Assembly: Generally, honor assemblies are held quarterly to recognize students for excellence in academics, for effort to improve achievement, for service to the SJB school community, and for accomplishments in sports.



Homework may include written work as well as study assignments and review of class notes. Homework that is conscientiously completed will provide practice in needed skills, will enable the student to actively participate in class discussions, and will provide preparation for quizzes and tests. Students should expect to spend at least two hours a night completing the work assigned.



A student’s grade is based on class participation, class assignments, independent projects, homework assignments, and quiz/test results.


Progress reports are mailed to parents approximately half way through each quarter. Some teachers may send reports for each student, but usually progress reports are sent to the parent/guardian of any student who is in danger of failing for the marking period. This report gives the parent/guardian feedback about the student's behavior, effort, and assigned work. Teachers frequently list test and quiz scores. The parent/guardian who receives such notices is encouraged:


  • to discuss the report with the student,
  • to contact the teacher to determine if the student has made any progress since the time of the report,
  • to contact the student's guidance counselor to discuss the reports.


A student who receives multiple progress reports indicating

possible failures will meet with her guidance counselor.

Taking notes in class


Report cards are issued quarterly (November, February, April, June). Parent/Teacher conferences are scheduled to provide an opportunity for parent/guardian, student, and teacher to meet and discuss the progress and performance of the student.



Membership in the National Honor Society is open to Grade 11 and 12 students. Candidates must have a weighted cumulative average of at least 85%. They must also exhibit leadership, service, and character.



Both the faculty and administrators of St. Jean Baptiste High School are committed to the development of Catholic faith and the fostering of Christian community within the school. All students are required to take four years of religion. This course of study includes the Hebrew Scriptures, the Christian Scriptures, Sacraments, Church History, Christian Morality, Christian Lifestyles and Social Justice. In the fourth year, seniors are privileged to participate in a weekly program of Christian Service, which enables them to share their faith and talents with people of all ages.


Girls learn values

Each year, all students participate in days of retreat, school liturgies, and prayer services, which are an integral part of their education.