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Jeanites Serve

Jeanites in the church
Service to the Church, the communities we come from, and the larger city we live in are integral aspects of what makes Jeanites women for others. Jeanites have a rich history of bringing their talents and passions into the world to enrich our communities and help transform the world we live in. Whether it be through Christian service or through participation in the civic life of our city, Jeanites are committed to building relationships with others based on their gained perspective of justice and peace.
Community Service


Jeanite Faith
As a parish high school, Jeanites are committed to be part of the life of the Church and find ways to participate in the faith life of the parish community. Whether it be as an altar server, Eucharistic Minister, or greeter, Jeanites find ways to live out and celebrate their faith with the Saint Jean Baptiste Church community. All members of the SJB community are encouraged to attend Mass at the parish, especially Family and Community Masses. 

Habitat for Humanity


Jeanites for Others

The Christian Service Program at SJB offers community service opportunities and helps to instill in students a passion for social justice and being of service to others. Because Jeanites are Women of Faith, service is a way of life at SJB. During senior year, students are required to volunteer at service agencies and work directly with young children, the elderly, the sick, the developmentally challenged and the socio-economically disadvantaged. Each student completes over 140 hours of service by graduation and can choose to complete their community service from over 60 organizations with whom SJB enjoys a partnership. Students truly enjoy being able to help others and meeting new people outside of SJB. The sense of community that emerges gives our young women an awareness of others, belonging and builds pride and self-confidence. These experiences have also inspired some of our students to pursue careers in medicine, education and social work.
Jeanite Civic Spirit
SJB is a proud partner with Civic Spirit - a coalition of Faith based schools working to transform the way we teach our young people to engage in civic life, dialogue with people who hold differing beliefs, and enhance civic participation for the good of our Country.

The Mission:

Civic Spirit participants

Civic Spirit educates, inspires, and empowers schools across faith traditions to enhance civic belonging and responsibility in their student, faculty, and parent communities. Through professional support and student programs, Civic Spirit prepares the next generation to be knowledgeable, ethical, and active participants in the

civic life of their community and

the political life of our democracy.

SJB Civic Scholars: Jeanites have the opportunity to take a 3 credit college course and to engage in a real life civics project to better understand how our democracy works and to make a difference in our communities. Jeanites who take the Civic Spirit course are identified as Civic Scholars and help lead the SJB community in a school wide civics project. Civic Scholars also participate in Civic Spirit Day - a full day gathering of student leaders from all the Civic Partner Schools and work collaboratively designing solutions to civic issues.

Find out more about Civic Spirit and the work Jeanites are doing with our partner schools at: Civic Spirit.