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Your Impact

The Annual Fund

The Annual Fund supports the overall mission of the school. Annual Fund contributions can be unrestricted to support areas of greatest need or may be earmarked for one of our many Flagship programs that are part of the academic and extracurricular experience at SJB.

2023-2024 Annual Fund Progress

Sponsor a Jeanite

The Sponsor a Jeanite program offers donors the opportunity to directly impact the life of a St. Jean’s student by providing critical and immediate tuition support. A gift of $12,000 covers a single Jeanite tuition for one year; $6,000 funds a half tuition. Sponsorships are typically divided between two students in order to provide assistance to a broader group of girls. Donors are asked to make a multi-year financial commitment in order to fund the students' tuition through graduation.


Jeanite Sponsors will receive a winter and spring letter from their student. They may choose to receive report cards and/or make a personal connection with their student(s) as well. Sponsors are invited to our annual Sponsor a Appreciation event each fall.

Named & Memorial Scholarships

These scholarships recognize deserving students who embody the spirit and character of the person or family for whom the scholarship has been named. Donors have the opportunity to establish a named or memorial scholarship with a commitment of $48,000 or more which may be paid over four years. Named scholarships are published in the Annual Report and follow the student throughout her four years at St. Jean's, provided she remains in good standing. The named scholarship will remain active until such time as the funds for the scholarship are depleted. Donors may renew the scholarship beyond the original four-year commitment or may choose to endow it in perpetuity with a gift of $100,000 or more.


Establishing a scholarship in honor or memory of an alumna, faculty member, board member, parishioner or loved one is a wonderful way to acknowledge the impact he or she has had in your life, while providing critical and immediate tuition support for our students. 


Find a list of active scholarships here

For additional information please contact Kathryn Collins, Vice President of Institutional Advancement


[email protected] or 212-288-1645 x121