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The St. Jean's Family

Administration and Senior Staff
Sr. Maria Cassano, CND
Principal/Head of School
212-288-1645 Ext.224
Daniel Linehan
Assistant Principal of Student Affairs / Dean of Students
212-288-1645 Ext.128
Maximilian Medveser
Assistant Principal of Academic Affairs
212-288-1645 Ext.222
Sr. Alla Anne Boyle, CND
Director of Sponsored Students
[email protected]
212-288-1645 Ext.140
Kathryn Collins
Vice President of Institutional Advancement
212-288-1645 Ext 121
Flora Lugo
Vice President of Public and Alumnae Relations / Director of Admissions and Recruitment
212-288-1645 Ext.134
Administrative Offices
Jacqueline Torres
Office Manager/Administrative Assistant
[email protected]
212-288-1645 Ext.200
Gwendolyn Baldwin
Special Assistant to the Principal / Director of Rentals
[email protected]
212-288-1645 Ext.126
Sr. Eileen Good, CND
Director of Finance
[email protected]
212-288-1645 Ext.127

Katie Hedge 
Director of Technology
[email protected]
212-288-1645 Ext.130
Medina Drew
Assistant Finance/Development Officer
212-288-1645 Ext. 246
Sr. Barbara Costello, CND
Director of After School Tutoring
[email protected]
Facilities Management
Jose Reyes
Director of Maintenance
[email protected]
Pablo Checo
Maintenance Associate
[email protected]
Wilfredo Ortiz
Maintenance Associate
[email protected]

Marisha Berestova
Foreign Language Chairperson
Nathan Bruce
Rebecca Buchanan
Paula Castillo
Maria Ceballos
Technology Chairperson
Chyva Clarke
Catherine Conley
Rosalie Fortunato
[email protected]
Kelly Golden

Kelsey Hanf
Social Studies
Matthew Hedge
Social Studies Chairperson
Joel Laciura
ELA Chairperson
Jeanne LaVallee
Foreign Language
Jingyue Lu
Social Studies
Aulina Presendieu
Religion Chairperson
SJB Librarian
Hemraj Saywack
Science Chairperson
Leonor Scacalossi
Foreign Language
Peter Smith
Math Chairperson
Bobbi Thomas
Physical Education
Hazel Ward
Sonila Zerelli
Guidance Department
Lily Burr
ADAPP Counselor
Dorothy Calo
School Counselor
Ann Dougherty
Guidance Chairperson
Idamaris Perez
School Counselor
Athletic Department
Michael Toro
Athletic Director
Varsity Basketball Coach