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Jeanites @ 2:30

Cheering on SJB Activities

SJB challenges its students to achieve both inside and outside the classroom. Therefore the final bell does not mark the end of school but rather begins a new part of the day where Jeanites are involved and active in athletics, clubs, and other afterschool programming. 


At SJB there is truly something for everybody. 


Jeanites are encouraged to become well rounded young women and to pursue interests outside of their academic work. After school activities are programmed to allow Jeanites to be as involved as possible and able to explore different passions. Athletics, clubs, and activities allow students to refine their talents and to acquire new skills. These after school activities build student leadership skills and allow students to collaborate, essential skills for the 21st century! Throughout her four years, your Jeanite will assemble an impressive portfolio which testifies to her being truly a woman oriented to the future and committed to becoming a well rounded individual.


Girls In Track Uniforms


Jeanite Sports

St. Jean's offers the opportunity to excel both in the classroom and on the playing field. The school is committed to growing its athletic program and has made a substantial investment to do so. Our offerings include indoor and outdoor track and field, cross country, basketball, volleyball, softball and soccer.


Team sports allow students to build essential leadership and collaboration skills, empowering young women to challenge themselves physically and mentally. SJB's goal is to develop in our students the confidence, discipline, respect, resilience, and fortitude that is core to the mindset of a competitive athlete as well as to grow their physical skills in order to compete, at the highest level, with their peers in the Girls Catholic High School Athletic Association (GCHSAA). 

Please find more information about our sports programs by clicking here.


Our KPop Dance Group

Jeanite Dance

  • African Dance
  • Chutney Dance
  • Hip-Hop
  • K-POP
  • Latina Dance
  • SJB Certified Steppers



Jeanite Clubs


Adulting 101
Empowering Jeanites with Life skills to help form better women who are equipped for the world. Students attend an informative weekly meeting discussing resume building, interview and budget skills etc. Students learn and prepare for real world challenges with the guidance of the SJB staff.


Moderator: Ms. Clarke

Season: Fall, Winter, Spring

Time and Place: Mondays @ 2:30 in Rm 205


Art Club

In the Art Club, students can pursue activities that are not within the scope of the art curriculum in the company of like-minded peers. Art Club provides support and enrichment for those students seeking a creative outlet after school. Students attend sketching walks and field trips to museums during Art Club. All levels of experience are welcome and encouraged to join this club.


Moderator: Ms. Buchanan

Season: Winter

Time and Place: Tuesday’s @ 2:30 in



Jeanites practice and hone in on their musical and singing skills by supplying the tones and sounds of praises during our masses and celebrations.  Jeanites are prepared and led by Principal Cassano, CND, who accompanies them on the organ. 

National Honor Society


Moderator: Sr. Maria

Season: Fall, Winter, Spring

Time and Place: Wednesday’s @ 2:30 in





Creative Writing Club

The Creative Writing Club meets to encourage Jeanites to write for pleasure and expression. Participants in the Creative Writing Club have the opportunity to enter contests throughout the Fall and in the Winter students prepare for SJB’s Poetry Cafe.


Moderator: Mrs. Conley

Season: Fall, Winter

Time and Place: Tuesdays @ 2:30 in Rm 300


Yearbook Club
The Yearbook Club provides students the opportunity to leave a lasting impression at St Jean Baptiste High School. Students will learn to be photographers, graphic designers, and student leaders while building the yearbook for the school. At the end of the school year, students will present and distribute the book to the student body.


Moderator: Ms. Castillo

Season: Fall, Winter, Spring

Time and Place: Thursdays @ 2:30 in Rm 201

More Jeanite Club options offered include Investors Club, Cooking Club, Graphic Novel Club, Glamour Gals Club, Tea Time Club, and if you don’t see one you’d like you can start your own club!

Jeanites have the opportunity to join the French Honor Society, National Art Honor Society, National English Honor Society, National Honor Society, and the National Spanish Honor Society. Learn more here!
Our Chapel
Jeanite Religious Opportunities

Sacraments Class- RCIA
Prepares students to receive sacraments of initiation.

Moderator: Ms. Presendieu

Season: Fall, Winter, Spring

Time and Place: Mondays @ 2:30 in Rm 204

Campus Ministry
The Campus Ministry club is a club that is run by the students, that organizes the liturgy at St. Jean Baptiste High School throughout the school year. We have about 4-6 Masses during the school year. The students help to organize and participate in the Mass throughout the year. They serve in the position of Altar server, Eucharistic Minsters, choir members, and/or readers.


Moderator: Ms. Presendieu

Season: Fall, Winter, Spring

Time and Place: Wednesdays @ 2:30 in the Library


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Jeanites Study 

Saint Jean Baptiste High School is committed to each and every Jeanite excelling in and outside of the classroom. Because of our outstanding faculty, guidance team, and Library/ Resource center, we are able to offer students who may be struggling academically in certain subject areas additional support and enrichment. Even though most faculty offer “Office Hours” before, during, or after school, additional help is available through one of the following:

Library / Resource Center

The Library / Resource Center is open every day from 7:00 am until 4:00 pm. Here the Librarian is ready to assist students in research and acquiring the necessary information needed to complete papers, projects, or reports. St. Jean Baptiste High School has chosen Follett Destiny Library Manager to manage its library resources and help make the Library more efficient and effective at supporting active student learning. Our students and teachers can now seamlessly search and access all print and digital content from just one location with a single sign-on through the Destiny portal: The portal includes all of our school’s library resources, such as eBooks, digital databases, and content-rich and safe websites. The Library / Resource Center is also a place where students gather to study with one another and tutor each other through our Peer Tutor program.

Peer Tutoring

Peer Tutoring is a service that offers academic support to students by students. Both students benefit from this learning interaction. The Guidance Department organizes members of the various National Honor Societies to support and tutor other students in need of extra help or who simply wish to further their learning. The Guidance Department will work to assist students seeking help and to pair them with appropriate tutors.

Early Bird Tutoring

SJB partners with New York Cares to provide early morning tutoring in all subjects. Tutors come from all types of professional fields to help students having difficulty in particular areas or for added enrichment. At Early Bird Tutoring students not only get access to the help they need but also have the experience of being mentored by professionals in varying fields of work.