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Application Process

Dear Future Jeanite and Parent/Guardian,


The Admissions Committee of St. Jean Baptiste High School understands that the last academic year and the prior to it provided circumstances that were (and still are) unusual for families, teachers and more importantly, students. In an effort to maintain a consistent format of assessment, the Admissions Committee at St. Jean Baptiste High School asked that the 8th grade applicant seeking admission next fall take the TACHS exam in November of 2023. When registering for the TACHS exam, please use an email that you check regularly as this email will be the source of all communication with the prospective/admitted student and family.


As we move forward in the admissions process, SJB will email students to apply for scholarships and other opportunities once the student places SJB as one of her top three choices on the TACHS exam. Please read about some of the opportunities we offer new students.


As you may know, the Jeanite community is truly blessed to have such dedicated and credentialed faculty members and administrators, as well as engaged students and loyal parents, each of whom invests and believes in the future of talented young women. We look forward to growing our Jeanite community with you!



Sincerely yours,

Ms. Lugo




Scholarship Applications Available December of 2023!


We are Amazing


ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIP REQUIREMENTS: Recipients are selected based on their performance on the Test for Admission to Catholic High School (TACHS), as well as their middle school records. Students seeking an Academic Scholarship are required to have a school official, a Principal/Head of School, middle school teacher or guidance counselor (just one of the three options) complete the School Official Recommendation Form HERE .The recommender is expected to know the student well for a minimum of two academic years during middle school.

Winners of Career Challenge at FETCH on Fifth Avenue

ART INCENTIVE AWARD: Jeanite artists are gifted in photography, painting, sketching and animation. An applicant who can demonstrate her skills as a developing artist is welcome to apply for an art incentive award. More details can found will be handed to families at Open House 2023.

SSP logoStudent Sponsor Partners, SSP, is an organization that supports students in both Catholic and non-religious schools; i.e. charter and public schools. Families with limited discretionary income are welcome to apply. The deadline is approaching. Apply for Student Sponsor Partners

*FINANCIAL AID APPLICATIONS: Available March 2024, for accepted and registered members of the Class of 2028.

Have You Seen SJB?

All interested students were encouraged to attend two in-person Open House events. If you were unable to attend, you may E-mail: [email protected] to schedule a private Google MEET or in-person tour. Either option can be arranged during the following months: November thru December 2023 and February-May 2024 E-mail: [email protected] to learn more!

Students dancing on stage


Accepted students are invited to experience life as a Jeanite in February. Please note: all the details will be included in the acceptance packet.