CUE Art Exhibition: The Persistence of Memory

by Joanalis Calderon '21
On Saturday, May 18, I displayed my artwork at the exhibition, The Persistence of Memory, a part of the CUE Teen Art Collective program. The overall goal of the exhibition is to bring the viewers to the past, whether it be to a specific event or a certain emotion. For my piece, I decided to do a tryptic representing the significance of my relationship with my late grandmother. At the opening of the exhibition, CUE students had the opportunity of standing by their work and explaining to viewers the purpose of the piece and the mediums that they used, and clarifying any other questions that they had. It was nice being able to experience the exhibit with different students my age and gain a new perspective of where their creativity stems from. It is a privilege to show off my hard work after working on the piece and attending this program for the last few months. Being a part of this program was such a great opportunity as I learned more about the art field and more about what department I want to enter when I start my art career. Having my closest friends and family come and support me on this delightful occasion was a memorable experience.