Below are some guidelines / expectations for the coming week (s).  Once again, flexibility will be necessary for us all. ALSO, all though we will not be physically together, we will need to step up our online presence and connect!  I will be continuously updating this document as we firm up details.  

Thank you Katie Hedge and Sacred Heart School who I have in this state of emergency blatantly stolen from in some cases!


As we shift to online learning for the next week(s), we must shift our mindset to the blessings and curses of online learning.  It will not be business as usual but as 

educators we can rise to this challenge.  Following will be some very basic guidelines and expectations we should have going into this endeavor.  How it all plays out is fluid but WILL be firmed up by the time home based learning begins Monday. The main form of communication of the following will be through your Google Classroom.  Classroom is where students must be able to see work, assignments, office hours, etc…..   


  1. ATTENDANCE:  Teachers will be required to take attendance twice per week for each class.  We will do this in two ways. Class time and Check In.   

    1. CLASS TIME:   Each class will be scheduled ONE meeting time per week.  This is a space of time carved out for you to hold class.  This class may be live / recorded / a hang out / a video conference, etc.   CLASS TIME means that both teacher and student are available at that scheduled time in whatever shape or form your class takes.  You will take attendance. If your class is “live” you can take attendance through who shows up on your hang out, group, etc. If your class is not live, students should have to turn in some assignment whether it be a blog post, an assessment, a virtual do now, etc.  

    1. CHECK IN:  Teachers must also check in with students one additional time during the week.  Discussion boards or office hours will be an opportunity for this.


  • OFFICE HOURS:   Office hours will be built into the schedule.  Teachers are expected to be available in some form during this time to answer student questions, concerns, etc.  Again, you can use various forms of office hours from setting up a google hang out and posting the link to just being there on Google Classroom to answer student private comments, or through email.  Teachers MUST communicate to students and post on Classroom how they can be reached during Office Hours!  

OUR GOAL MUST BE TO HAVE TWO POINTS OF CONTACT WITH EACH STUDENT.  Teachers then can relay to counselors and administrators students who are “in the wind” and not completing work.  

  1.  WORKLOAD:  Virtual learning is different from classroom learning and by its very nature it is more independent.  We do not want to overwhelm students. We want to be as productive as possible without being overly burdensome.  Remember, this shift to home based learning will be challenging for teachers and students alike.


Best practices suggest 

3-4 hours of class work per week maximum, including: time for reading/watching/listening, engaging with peers via discussion boards and docs, attending class virtually via zoom, assignments/learning tasks, etc. Advanced Placement courses may assign additional work or practice tests as needed.  In order to help students plan their week and schedule their time, please strive to post all work for the week by 8:00AM Monday on your Google Classroom. PLEASE BE AS DIRECT AND CLEAR IN YOUR EXPECTATIONS TO STUDENTS. Assignments may not be due during other class periods nor any later than 10pm.    

  1. ASSESSMENTS:  Teachers must enter weekly a MINIMUM of two grades per week.  Given that it is virtual learning, you may have to get creative with assessments.  You may have to think outside of the box as giving straight up objective tests may be difficult during virtual learning.  Let us limit the temptation to cheat! However, we want to ensure that we are providing feedback to students and parents and PowerTeacher will be an effective way for Admin, Counselors, and Parents to see who may be falling behind.   

It is imperative that we enter two grades per week.  This again will allow us to track students’ progress and reach out to students who may be checked out!