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St. Jean's Second Smash Success Open House!

hoard of girls on school hallway. One girl looks at the camera.
St. Jean Baptiste did it again last night with our second packed Open House for incoming freshmen and their families. Close to 400 families streamed into St. Jean's last night - in the dark, in the rain - water-logged, but very very excited. That makes over 1000 families visiting in six days ...that is a lot of homemade muffins!
We are grateful for all of the interest, love, and care towards our little family here at St. Jean's. Over 120 Jeanites volunteered last night to help guide future classmates through the hallways. These girls take this stuff very personally. 
At 8:50 pm last night, there were still two families in the school that had come in late but still wanted a tour. When I told our student volunteers that they should go home - it was really late - and I could do this tour - they would have none of it. One of my girls looked at me, and very sternly said "No, Dr. Guerriero, it's our school, and we'll finish up the tour. They need to know everything we know about St. Jean's."
"We got this," she said, and disappeared down the hallway, all full of "stuff" as my Grandmother would have said. 
Any questions? Not from me.
Thank you all for your support, encouragement, and for the close to 1,000 families who have shown up to our two open house events to see what this wonderful school has to offer you. See you in September.