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First Day of School

   Sept 5th 2019
      New President at SJB presents the "State of the School" on first day to the Student Body
On the first day of school our new president Dr. Catherine Guerriero addressed the full student body in the first formal assembly in St jean's beautiful centuries old auditorium. She presented her formal "state of the school." In her presentation, Dr Guerriero outlined her immediate agenda for the school as well as a five-year strategic plan.
A blond woman in a navy top speaks from behind a podium with a navy blue and gold banner
Afterward Dr G met with the student body in smaller groups to continue this conversation. 
                                                           High school girls in white shirts and blue skirts sit on a stage with Dr. Guerriero in the middle wearing a navy blue jumpsuit
Dr. Guerriero began her tenure at St Jeans in mid July. Coming to SJB after an extraordinarily successful six-year stint at LaSalle Academy.
a woman with grey hair and glasses a man in a priests collar and a woman in navy blue stand together smiling