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Student Testimonials

Girls cheering SJB

“I’m the oldest of 6 so I’ve always known siblinghood, but being a Jeanite spoke to me and ignited my sense of community, and sisterhood - things that not only shaped who I am today, but really had a hand in  how I moved through spaces and who I brought along the way. Some folks go to high school and never look back, but when I graduated I couldn't wait to figure out how to GIVE back to SJB - financially, by volunteering my time or simply checking in with the school. "
- Annyelica Diaz ‘12

“Para mi lo mas importante es la educación de mi hija, estuve la oportunidad de ir a diferente escuelas y St. Jean fue la que me dejó más impresionadas las niñas estuvieron muy feliz y supieron de todo. Buscando una escuela católica era muy importante para mi porque se anota la diferencia de eso estudiantes y los estudiantes de otras escuelas. Para mi no es un sacrificio si no es un orgullo hacer este esfuerzo tan grande. Espero poder continuar haciendo este esfuerzo hace que mi hija se gradue."

- Xiomara Martinez, Parent of Sabrina Martinez '20

“As I walked through the doors, I immediately felt a warm, welcoming feeling that was different from the other open houses I attended. My comfort continued to grow when Ms. Lugo spoke with enthusiasm and eagerness about the students and the school itself. The part of me that refused to go to a catholic school began to drift away and I thought that maybe it would not be so bad to give it a try. Before I knew it, I was part of the University Bound Program where I met the people who would stick with me all throughout high school.”

- Kori Hall '18

“In the past seven years, I continue to hold with me the profile of a graduate from Saint Jean’s. I have continued to be a Women Oriented to the Future with every decision and life obstacle I face, I move forward toward success." 

- Kristiana Dusaj ‘12

“Saint Jean Baptiste High School will always have a special place in my heart. It was here I learned how to be a Woman for Others. As a registered nurse, I am putting the needs of others before my own. SJB has shaped me into the woman I am today. I will always be grateful for the wonderful opportunities I was given during my time here.”

- Pamela Bautista ‘13

Flora with girls